Community Benefits Fund

K2 Wind Community Benefits Fund

Over 20 years, K2 Wind will contribute $15 million dollars to a Community Benefits Fund administered by the Township of ACW through an annual payment of approximately $750,000. The Township will have broad discretion in the use of the funds, and they are in addition to the yearly municipal property taxes the facility will pay. The K2 Wind Community Benefits Fund will support community-based initiatives such as:

  • Community and protective services
  • Education and job training programs
  • Public recreation facilities
  • Land steward initiatives
  • Energy sustainability projects
  • Property tax relief for residents 

Community Renewable Energy Benefit

The Community Renewable Energy Benefit provides an annual payment of $1,500 to eligible landowners that are not already participating in the project and who own homes within one kilometre of a K2 Wind turbine, substation and the transformer station. The Benefit continues over the 20-year life of the facility. There are no restrictions on how landowners can spend the payment, and participation in the program in no way limits an individual’s ability to comment or express opinions.